Monday, February 17, 2014

A hospital stay

Hola everyone!

2014 has been a challenging and very hard year so far.

First, we came back very sick from our Christmas Cruise.  So much, that we spend New Year's Eve in bed with the sniffles and very high fever.  Then my father fell very ill and ended up in the ICU... where he passed away a week later.

I got sick again (seemed like the flu) after my father's passing and was very sick with the sniffles.  I thought it was just all the crying and the lack of sleep... Well, as it turns out, I was very, very sick!  I had pneumonia and severe bronchitis!  The combination of the two, earned me a stay in the hospital...

Yep! I spent 10 days in the hospital very, very sick, but if you looked at me then, I didn't look sick at all. But, no air was coming into my lungs, so I was in 3 different antibiotics, round the clock oxygen, nebulizer therapy every 2 hours and an anti-inflammatory which they injected directly into my veins every 6 hours. 

Thank goodness I was able to get better, and I am now home. 

Peace and health,

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