Monday, January 14, 2013

We are a Foster Home… for Doggies!

Hola amigos!

I made one New Year’s resolution that I was already breaking, but no more.  I had resolved to blog more, so here is my first blog entry of 2013.  

We are very excited and happy to announce that we have been accepted as a Foster/Temporary home for the Humane Society of Puerto Rico and for a few days now, we have had some very cute and furry guests. 

These little fellows are Chihuahua mix puppies, of around 4 or 5 weeks of age.  They were found in a field in Aguas Buenas, in a box, being attacked by ants!  *sad face*

We are very excited to have these cuties in our home.  We have 4 girls and 2 boys, and they were assigned French names in the shelter *chuckle*.  The boys are Lyon and Nantes, and the girls are Lorraine, Drancy, Lylly and Isére.  Drancy and Isére are the only ones with white, although they all have their tiny toes with white fur.  Kinda like gloves.  Oh, so cute! *giggle*

The shelter gave us some medicine for their skin, as the ants really hurt them.  And medicated shampoo.  I must confess I don’t like the shampoo they gave us, so I went to 1-800-pet-meds and ordered the shampoo I used to buy for Timi.  Can’t wait to try it on them!

They also gave us some canned Purina ProPlan Puppy food, but I don’t like to feed dogs canned food, so I went and got them some Pedigree Dry Puppy food and they just gobble it up!  I learned with Timi’s puppies that if you mix just a tad of chicken or turkey baby food with their kibble, they will eat it in a matter of seconds! 

We really are very happy and excited with this new adventure as Foster “Parents”.  Don’t know if we’ll take in kitties, though.  It is easier to keep puppies in one area than a cat.  And I don’t believe in caging animals, not even for crate training.  I believe in free roaming.  In her 14  years, Timi never even wore a collar, unless we were in a place where she had to wear a leash.  I think that kind of explains how I think.  And I think she was happier because of that.

I will continue to post more on the puppies and the days go by.  And of course, pictures!

Have a great day!

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