Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ready for Adoption

Hola amigos!

Last night was the last night of our little guests with us.  It was a bittersweet night, as we were sad they were leaving us, but at the same time, happy and hopeful that they will get a good, loving home to grow old in.  We will miss our furry little foster "kids".  

We were a bit sad this morning, and I just kept dragging the moment where I had to take them back to the shelter.  For one last time, I let them run wild in the house, not caring one bit if they peed or pooped all over the place.  *chuckle*   Oh, and they did run and play! 

Lorraine and Lyon ate my shoes and R's shoes and any shoe they found, while Drancy tried to hide under the refrigerator (no luck there. *chuckle*)  Nantes and Lylly were dragging the newspaper and wee-wee pad all over the place, while Isére barked at the outside cats... barked for the first time!!  That really made me smile.   She stood in front of the screen door and barked at the cats, who looked at her with a bewildered expression... and as she barked she would jump back.  It was really funny and cute, and they were all very happy and carefree.  

The trip to the shelter was uneventful.  They had a big cage ready for them with toys and lined with newspapers.  New collars were made with wristbands and their names and record number written on them.  Pink for girls and blue for boys.  They got to keep the little collars I had made for them.  That was nice.  (Except for Lyon, who got too big for the collar I had made so he had none.)

Lylly (left), Nantes (middle), Lorraine (right back) and Lyon (right front)
at the Shelter

I must confess that it did make me feel sad to leave them there, especially when they were crying and trying to get me to take them home.  I wish with all my heart that they get a wonderful, caring, loving family that will keep them until they are old and have to leave for the Rainbow Bridge.  I really, really hope they are not abused, neglected or starved.  And if they are, I hope the Universe and Mother Nature will help them find their way home... yes, to us.

Farewell little puppies!  You are now all ready for adoption!

*If you are interested in any one of our puppies, please contact the Humane Society of Puerto Rico by calling (787) 720-6038 and ask for the Chihuahua puppies.

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