Saturday, May 19, 2012

Let's Help the Animals!

We've been having severe rain and thunderstorms in Puerto Rico for the past several days.  Yesterday, a small creek went over and flooded a part of Guaynabo City.

The Humane Society of Guaynabo, Puerto Rico was severely damaged by the flood and 120 animals are now living in a basketball court near the shelter.  

They need your help!  

Even kids are volunteering to help save the animals!

This is how the facility looks like now...

They need your help!  Urgently! 

How can you help?  With towels, old sheets, newspapers, cat food, kitty litter, dog food, collars, trash bags, food bowls, detergents, volunteers and people to adopt these animals.  

To make a donation, visit 

You can find more news here (Spanish):

Thank you in behalf of all the animals in the shelter!

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